Closer Look: Italian Red Sauce in Sunrise

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It's the middle of the night and, for whatever reason, you're hungry. Fork in hand, you open the refrigerator door, praying there's something waiting. You find condiments, some processed grated cheese that seems to never go bad, and a white styrofoam container. Inside it are the remains of a two-foot-wide platter of pillow-soft gnocchi and a trio of braised boneless short ribs. You dive in, and despite the chill on the leftovers, the richness of the reduced red wine sauce and the soft but cold potato pasta is just what you need to cap off the day. That's what we got after visiting Italian Red Sauce. The 200-seat restaurant specializes in classic Italian-American fare and does it in epic portions. That plate of short ribs and gnocchi ($19.95) was more like a manhole cover. It was almost impossible to imagine how many people it could have fed if we'd ordered the shared size for $34.95. Read the full review on Italian Red Sauce in Sunrise.