Closer Look: Thasos Greek Taverna

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Christine Capozziello
For Sophia Mylona and Gus Leontarakis, the husband-and-wife team behind Thasos Greek Taverna, a new Mediterranean mecca was best suited in an old Denny's. Well, a lot on the corner of A1A and Oakland Park Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale where a Denny's once stood. Thasos opened August 8. The former diner was remodeled into a sleek, white stucco building with windows that are deep-set and made of mismatched, variously sized rectangles, all lit by soft pink, purple, and blue lights that give the building a chic but inviting glow. In the parking lot, valets now scurry about, juggling keys from Mercedes and Maseratis and Rolls-Royces. That outdoor scene bears little similarity to the Greece of today, which finds itself as the poster child for the European economic crisis. But inside, Mylona and Leontarakis aim to give diners a sense of the homeland they remember. Read the full review on Thasos Greek Taverna.