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Closer Look: The Funky Food Club in Lighthouse Point

In March 2012, chef/owner Andy Trousdale of Le Bistro in Lighthouse Point, an expat from northern England, was discussing the dullness of the South Florida food scene with his longtime friend and customer Chris Blad. Caesar salads, steaks, tuna tartares, pastas — these could be interchanged on almost any menu at any local restaurant. Blad was tired of eating them. Trousdale was tired of cooking them. That sparked an idea: Why not start a food club? The two decided to round up some adventurous eaters to give Trousdale the opportunity to play and cook anything his little heart desired. Trousdale's wife and partner, Elin, came up with the name Funky Food Club, and Blad created a blog —

Review: The Funky Food Club at Le Bistro in Lighthouse Point