Closer Look: Toa Toa in Sunrise

We grabbed a seat in a beige booth at Toa Toa Chinese restaurant in Sunrise for a dim sum brunch and found what you might at any similar eatery. On each table were pairs of paper-wrapped chopsticks, set next to small plates and teacups. To the side was a small glass jar of soy sauce, only the full-sodium variety with the red top, and another filled with red chili flakes fried and steeped in peanut oil. Yet what we thought was standard, wasn't. Trying to find out where we could get solid dim sum — the traditional Chinese meal composed of many bite-sized small plates ­— in South Florida, we sampled three West Broward restaurants. At nearby Pine Court Chinese Bistro, tables were set with soy sauce and black Chinkiang vinegar, brewed from glutinous rice with a smoky flavor reminiscent of balsamic. Read the full review on Toa Toa and other spots for dim sum.