Hollywood Artwalk on Hollywood Boulevard

The City of Hollywood is always coming up with interesting ideas and activities to attract people to its wonderful downtown area. Saturday night was no exception. In a special area along Hollywood Boulevard, sandwiched between the great restaurants, bars and shops, Hollywood, with the help of Resurrection Drums, hosted a Drum Circle to welcome Uruguayan artist Daniel Pontet. Pontet, a renowned, award-winning artist also does performance art of a sort. Inspired by music, he paints... in this case with his hands and his feet... to music. He starts with a blank canvas. He lets the percussive beats of the drum circle move him, what Pontet calls "Reactionary Impulse Art." In spite of the blustery chill in the air, many of the regular Full Moon Drum Circle folks were on hand. The Drum Circle and all the folks just passing by couldn't help but be mesmerized by the spectacle of art being created in front of their eyes.