Rondell Sheridan's "One Night Comedy Show" by Gilda's Club S. Florida

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Who doesn't love comedy? Gilda's Club SNL Comedy will have you clutching your stomach until you can barely breathe from the laughter, and what's better than a night of laughing? Don't even think twice about purchasing your tickets today. Browse our inventory immediately and secure your spot for the show!

One night comedy show: "Live from South Florida ... It's Saturday Night!", starring Rondell Sheridan. For millions of Americans, Rondell Sheridan is an extended part of their family. Playing the father on the Nickelodeon series COUSIN SKEETER, then Raven Simone's dad on the Disney Channel's highest rated series, THAT'S SO RAVEN, and now "COREY IN THE HOUSE". Rondell Sheridan has been part uncle, baby-sitter, and funny adult friend.

Pictures by: Kristian Andrew