The 11 Best Found-Footage Horror Movies

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"Did you hear that?" Perdita Weeks and Ben Feldman in As Above/So Below.
Found footage horror movie As Above, So Below follows a team of urban explorers into the catacombs beneath Paris, home to "200 miles of tunnels right underneath our feet!" as announced in the trailer by Perdita Weeks, who plays urban archeology student Scarlett Marlowe. "Holding the remains of six million corpses," replies fellow explorer George, played by Ben Feldman. You can imagine what happens next: images of walls built from skulls, enveloping darkness, nightmarish visions of each character's past, and what looks like the Grim Reaper's hood, all viewed from the perspective of a GoPro.

"Tell me we just didn't go in a circle," says Weeks's Marlowe in the red band trailer. (Of course they did.)

Sadly, for every truly memorable found-footage horror movie, there are eleven derivatives. Here are our picks for the eleven best found-footage flicks, from The Blair Witch Project, which put the genre on the map in 1999, to ones released just this summer. More than a few are available on-demand, as well. And remember to keep your cameras recording.

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