Warm Memories of Spring Breaks Past

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Logan Fazio
This is the most logical thing to do when you spent too much time in the ocean and the beer sat out in the sun. Girl's gotta put that brew to good use.
You know how we like to reminisce about the heart-felt times we've spent with our families over the holidays? A turkey roasting in the oven. Grams trying to teach herself how to text. Uncle Albert grasping his handy flask. Mom and Dad bickering over the Brussels sprouts. THIS IS NOTHING LIKE THAT. We here at New Times like all that warm and fuzzy shit about the holidays past, but this is primo Spring Break town, y'all. The things we miss include warm weather and the fleshy able-bodied collegiates frolicking around our gorgeous beaches. Here now are our warm memories of Spring Breaks past. O Cold Weather, won't you go away? In the name of beer funnels and ultimate frisbee!