In Print: Palm Beach Pop Festival & South Florida's Top 10 of 2010

Fanfare here goes to Lee Zimmerman for tracking down some fascinating details of the 1969 Palm Beach Pop Festival. It was a bit like Woodstock, and the Rolling Stones performed, but no one's talking about it now. Documentarian Ken Davidoff (oldrockphoto.com) and his co-producer on the project, Jack Connell, are looking to start the discussion with some amazing archival photos from the event, like the one at the left (watermarked, obv) and more below.

For those of you paying attention at home, County Grind also slowly unveiled ten of the finest recordings of varying lengths and bit rates that South

Florida offered in 2010 over the past week or so. Now, we weren't going

to let only the online community get a hold of our hotly contested

opinions -- including thoughts from Alex Rendon, Arielle Castillo,

Monica Uszerowicz, Erica K. Landau, and Jose Flores -- remain unchained.

Click here for all of the top albums (in slightly condensed form) compiled on one page (or two).

Other worthwhile topics for the week: the Gutter Queens at Monterey Club, Sumsun's Lush Haus residency at Propaganda, Lavola at Respectable Street, Diplo at Grand Central, and VersaEmerge at Revolution.

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