Under the Radar: Alternative Talent Show Still Crazy After All These Months

The performances and venues we love most -- out on the edge and raw to the bone -- typically have the lifespan of a mayfly. Indie, alternative, underground, and indigenous talent show

Under the Radar

has already beat the odds. Nine months along now and it's planning a first birthday party this fall.

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All in accord with the vision of founding couple Saxz & Teiwaz (not their given names) the show takes over Lake Worth hipoisie central Coastars Coffee once a month, with the atmosphere and variety of an indoor street fair.

On a good night, Autumn Springs (pictured) will perform erotically charged poetry, ringing the terrors of pleasure. Aspiring comics will hone their standup. Eleven-year-old card trick prodigy Clarence Jackson may work the crowd. Art by locals covers the walls. Jewelers peddle their wares out front. If Saxz isn't too busy hosting, he'll favor the crowd with an impromptu spoken word/Dervish dance. All while some Edie Sedgwick look-alike whips up the house specialty coffees and teas.

Music is the main event, and it's all over the place -- in a good way. Regulars include Tom Carr (soulful, acoustic folk/blues), the Water Colors (freeform avant-rock), and Space Coast Ghosts (psychedelic rap/reggae fusion). We wish we'd gotten the name of the guy who wailed out this latter-day Four Seasons-type material that was Top 40-ready and all about his cat, but we didn't. Our bad.

"It's been such a pleasure to find out how generous local musicians and artists have been," Saxz told New Times. "It's been like Cole Porter: 'Anything Goes.' The audiences have been so appreciative, like adventure is what they've been looking for."

Tomorrow night's show will be something of a showcase for acoustic singer-songwriter Gillian Skyler. We're told that's the result of a double-booking oversight but that's cool: Some accidents are happy accidents.

Under the Radar. 7:30 to 10:30 p.m., Friday, July 18, at Coastars Coffee Bar, 12 S. J St., Lake Worth. Visit coastarscoffee.com.

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