Alligator Kills, Eats Burglar in Brevard County

More weird news out of Florida: this story out of Brevard County, about two hours north of Palm Beach.

Matthew Riggins, a 22-year-old Palm Bay man, apparently invited a buddy to go rip off some houses on November 12, according to the Space Coast Daily. They dressed in black and headed to a development called Barefoot Bay.

A neighbor spotted the men, dressed in black, in the area and phoned police. Later, according to cops, Riggins called his girlfriend and said they were being chased by deputies.

Cops, dogs, and helicopters all searched the area but couldn't find the men — who it would appear went for a swim. Seemed like a clean getaway.

Then, on November 23, cops found a body all bit up by alligators. They called in a state trapper, who found an 11-foot gator much like the big boy pictured above. When they cut him open, they found parts of Riggins's body in the stomach.

What exactly happened is unclear. Riggins's buddy, whom cops have declined to identify, has so far declined to cooperate.

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