Big School Builder Cuts Ties With Mega-Lobbyist Neil Sterling

Several sources have informed the Pulp that Pirtle Construction -- one of the largest builders of schools in Broward County with hundreds of millions in current public contracts -- has fired lobbyist Neil Sterling as its lobbyist.

Why should you care? Well, first of all, Sterling is one of the most powerful people operating at the school board today. He raises big money and has big money clients. His lobbying partner, politico Barbara Miller, has helped run several of the current board members' campaigns. Sterling has also the one that got Beverly Gallagher the $50,000-a-year "job" at Community Blood Centers, another of Sterling's clients (along with school board consultant/architect Bernard Zyscovich). We're still trying to figure out what Gallagher does for that money.

This development represents a big blow to Sterling's power and might presage a power shift at the board and its $3 billion construction department. Problem: I have no idea what caused the break. Anybody?

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