Boiled Poop Smells and Lead in the Water: Our Most Popular Stories This Week

You think you've had a shitty week? If it makes you feel any better, the tenants at the South Harbor Plaza near Port Everglades on SE 17th St. are having a much shittier week than you.

Actual shit nearby has been causing a foul odor to envelop the area, with residents and shop owners complaining that it's bad for business. (No shit!) Longtime activist Russ Rector describes the stench as such: ""It smells like poop, or actually, like someone took a pot of poop and put it on the stove and tried to boil it."

In other non-shit-related news, this week New Times highlighted the most expensive properties across South Florida and spoke with photographer Johanne Rahaman, who has been documenting Florida's black population.

5. Photographer Johanne Rahaman Documents Black Florida

4. Inviting FDLE to Investigate Officer-Involved Shootings Is Just a PR Move

3. There's Too Much Lead in the Port Everglades Drinking Water

2. The Eight Most Expensive Properties for Rent Across South Florida

1. Poop Smell Plagues a Fort Lauderdale Shopping Plaza

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