Boycott the Marlins and Sue Jeffrey Loria for Racketeering: A Note to Carlos Gimenez and John Rodstrom

Now is when you step up, Mr. Mayors of Miami-Dade and Broward.

Now is when you two political leaders of South Florida join forces, head to New York, and demand a meeting with Commissioner Bud Selig. You tell that twerp to nix yesterday's trade of Marlins stars Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle, and Emilio Bonifacio.

You demand that he start looking for a new owner for the team. This is humiliation.

And now is when Marlins fans pledge to boycott the team. Boy Scouts. Everybody.

Loria lied to the taxpayers of Miami Dade County, who will pay a billion for the monstrosity off the Dolphin Expressway, and to the baseball fans of Broward, who are the heart of the team.

Loria is doing exactly what Wayne Huizenga did to South Florida after the team won its first World Series in 1997. He is making us look stupid and cementing our reputation as a community without a conscience in the national mind. That will hurt South Florida in the long term more than any positive thing either one of you has done.

Jeffrey Loria is a crook, plain and simple. So is Marlins President David Samson. You mayors need to say that and to fight back. He convinced you to build this monster stadium and then destroyed any fan base that ever existed for a team that has won two World Series.

Back in 1992, owners of the Expos, whom Loria also screwed, sued him and Samson, alleging racketeering. That one went away. But this time, you guys need to take stronger action. You need to drag their names through the mud so they can't recover and abuse another community.

You need to show some spine.

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