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Broward County Schools Receive Similar Threat As L.A., New York; Officials Call it Not Credible

Broward County Public Schools is investigating a threat made against their schools similar to the threats made to schools in L.A. and New York earlier this week.  Schools in Houston have also reportedly received threats. The threats all came via email.

Miami-Dade Schools, meanwhile, has received the same threat, though both counties say school is open and classes are resuming as scheduled.

While officials say they're looking closely into the threat, they are calling it "less-than-credible." 

"Late Wednesday evening, Broward County Public Schools received an email similar to the emails received in other school districts such as Los Angeles, New York, Houston, and Miami-Dade," reads a statement from Broward Schools.

Miami-Dade Schools superintendent Alberto Carvalho took to Twitter to give updates on the threat, writing, "Awareness, preparedness, vigilance, communication, but not fear, must continue to be the appropriate actions to less than credible threats."

He also tweeted out a picture suggesting that there is a greater presence of police and vigilance at Miami-Dade Schools.
Broward County Schools superintended Robert Runcie, meanwhile, retweeted the Broward Schools twitter account saying that schools are open and calling the threat not credible.
Bomb threats are nothing new for Broward County schools. The last several years has seen several times where schools had to be evacuated following either bomb threats or suspicious packages.

Plantation High has had at least two bomb threats in the last couple of years. Last year, Flanagan High received a racist and anti-Semitic threat after someone placed a wooden cabinet in the middle of campus with the words "Open Me" and "Surprise Inside" scribbled on its surface, with a drawing of a swastika below the words "I hate [N-word]."

Donna Klein Jewish Academy received a similar threat as Flanagan two years prior.

Wellington High School in Palm Beach had a message scrawled on a bathroom wall that warned that a student or students would "blow up the school" in 2013. As a result, back packs were banned from the school. 
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