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Charlie Crist Continues to Not Be Republican, Endorses Bill Nelson Over Connie Mack

Former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist is backing Democratic incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson in the race for the Florida Senate in yet another instance of Crist's batting for the other team.

Crist said yesterday, per the Tampa Bay Times, that he will be attending a fundraiser for Nelson at the home of prominent Florida lawyer John Morgan. Morgan is senior partner at Morgan & Morgan, the law firm Crist works at. Morgan is also representing Crist in the Jim Greer corruption trial, in which he faces, among many other things, allegations that he tried to kiss Greer and covered up gay affairs with male aides.

As for Nelson, he's ahead 45-43 in the latest Public Policy Polling numbers pitting him against Rep. Connie Mack, who spends his days heckling reporters and proposing pointless legislation.

"The bombardment of negative advertising against Bill Nelson is taking a toll. Only 35% of voters approve of him now to 40% who disapprove," PPP Director Tom Jensen said, in a release. "It's clear Democrats are not that enthusiastic about Nelson -- it's just a question of whether that will really extend to there being a lot of Obama/Mack voters in the end. Nelson's one Senate candidate who definitely shouldn't run away from Obama in terms of campaign appearances, given the tepid feelings for him from the party base."

The Nelson fundraiser won't include any Obamas. But Crist, who two years ago was calling himself a Republican, will be appearing at the fundraiser alongside another Democratic big-wig: Bill Clinton.

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