Chris Bosh Tells Nation He’ll Be Ready Opening Night

Chris Bosh has started working out again and says he’ll be ready to go for the Miami Heat on opening night 2015. Bosh, who suffered a serious health scare in February when he was diagnosed with blood clots in his lungs, sat in as a guest analyst on TNT Tuesday night.

Bosh gave analysis on the NBA playoffs during a night when former Heat teammate LeBron James scored 38 points for the Cleveland Cavaliers, while the Heat are sitting at home after an injury-plagued season.

Bosh was forced to shut it down for the last two months of the season after his diagnosis, and doctors told him he needed to stay away from working out or basketball-related activities. As a result, the Heat’s season went down the drain, and Miami is now a lottery team when it could have been a playoff contender in a horrendous Eastern Conference had Bosh not gotten the blood clots.

When Inside the NBA TNT host Matt Winer asked Bosh if he’s started working out again, Bosh answered, “Absolutely.”

Bosh then delivered the news all Heat fans had been waiting for.

"I will be ready on opening night,” he said. “I'm looking forward to being the best version of myself in 2015-2016 at the start.”

Bosh said his time away from the action made him miss the game.

“I miss basketball right now, and I think that’s good for me,” he said.

More important, Bosh said his illness gave him perspective.

"This has given me time to think and reflect on my life and everything that's going on. I'm just lucky to be healthy," he said.

Bosh also said he’ll be getting back into basketball activities soon.

As for the broadcast, it’s clear Bosh, who seems to be great at everything he sets his mind to, was fantastic as usual.

Save for one hiccup:

Bosh also had a wacky exchange with former Heat center Shaquille O’Neal on Twitter. Bosh had been assigned Shaq’s studio seat for the evening, and Shaq wanted to make sure Chris didn’t fart in it.

Nice comeback from the man who is Master of the NBA video bomb
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