Hotties List: Local Reporters Try to Cut in Line

Our post yesterday on South Florida's 11 hottest newsmen drew a lot attention in the Twittersphere and even a damned funny video. Moms got involved. There was a fair amount of fraternity-style backslapping. Even a congrats from our own columnist that might raise, ahem, questions about the choices... of course, we have no questions.

The funniest riposte came from the Sun Sentinel's Dave Aizer, who pitched himself to join the list in a video and responded thusly to the hottie list: "I'm jealous... This hair is a full-time job."

Read on for the other guys' reactions...

Jason Martinez, at number 11, was not completely truthful.

Todd McDermott was deprecating, but also maybe hitting on the writer.

What are these two? June and Ward Cleaver?

This is what we like best about Brian. Always thinking.

Matt Lincoln seems to have been discussing the matter with his mom!!??

Steve Weagle seem to have taken the opportunity to whack his "bro."

Looks like our own columnist got involved with Louis Aguirre. Conflict of interest on our part, maybe?

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