I'm Embarrassed: Florida Still Up in the Air; Rick Scott Is to Blame

It's almost 8 in the morning the day after the election and Florida still doesn't have a winner in the presidential election. People were still voting around 2 o'clock this morning. Is anyone else embarrassed?

I hope Gov. Rick Scott is. And I hope he -- and his Republican majorities in the state Legislature -- do something to expedite the vote for the future rather than try to suppress the vote, as they did this time.

Of course, you can also blame Republican Mayor of Dade County Carlos Gimenez, who didn't do a very good job of preparing us for this election... and who tried to suppress the vote himself on Sunday before changing his mind.

About 50,000 votes still separate the two presidential candidates. We are the only undecided state in the nation.

Or you can blame Palm Beach County, which screwed up tens of thousands of its absentee ballots.

It is being reported that we should have a result by this afternoon -- 12 hours or so after EVERY OTHER STATE in the union. People were voting until after midnight in Miami-Dade County. Check out the headline in the Chicago Tribune: "Election Over, but Final Florida Results Still Not In."

In any case, we should do something to fix this morass. Soon.

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