Newest Accessory for Wealthy Socialites: The Gay Husband

Those socialites are a competitive bunch -- and what is a wedding good for if not to rub one's success in the nose of one's rivals. Am I right, ladies?

Or that's my theory, anyway, on the gamesmanship between former New York City socialite Carole Rome and current NYC socialite Jill Zarin, a cast member on the Bravo reality show, The Real Housewives of New York City. Zarin, a close friend (or frenemy, mmm?) was among the chosen few to get an invite to Rome's wedding on Friday to Gov. Charlie Crist.

It just so happens that Zarin has a gay husband. If you don't believe me, wait till the 50-second mark in this video and hear it right from the horse's mouth:

OK, so "Shopping Pal Brad" is not her legal husband. Duh! It's not legal for gays to marry, not even in a liberal mecca like New York. So basically, Zarin has a fake gay husband, which is like walking around with a fake Louis Vuitton bag. Rome's new husband, on the other hand, used to be a regular at the fabled Green Iguana -- and they are legally married. As gay husbands go, they don't get much realer than that.

Now when Rome lands that starring role in a reality show -- her own reality show, mind you -- Zarin will totally die from jealousy.

-- Thomas Francis

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