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Scott Stapp From Creed Reviews the Movie Creed

It looks like Creed frontman — and Boca Raton resident — Scott Stapp is back on his feet and safe from almost being assassinated by the CIA, because he's now starring in a new Funny or Die video where he reviews the new movie Creed

Creed, which opens in theaters on Thanksgiving Day, is the new addition to the Rocky franchise in which actor Michael B. Jordan plays the son of Apollo Creed, Rocky's former nemesis-turned-good-friend-turned-guy-killed-by-a-Russian during a boxing match. The film is receiving positive reviews and is currently fresh at 96 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

But in the video, Stapp plays as if the movie is actually the story of his former band, and it makes for some solid self-deprecating humor.

The video starts off with a Stapp voice-over singing, "Can you take me to the movies!" as a parody of the 1999 Creed hit "Higher."

"So this week I checked out a new film called Creed," Stapp says to the camera. "I said to myself, finally! The epic tale of my band Creed is coming to the big screen!"

Stapp then plays befuddled and confused as to how much nothing in the movie resembles his band, from the story to Rocky suddenly appearing to Michael B. Jordan being an odd choice to play Stapp.

"The character's name is Creed, not Scott Stapp," he complains. "Sometimes when I walk down the street, people shout, 'What's up, Creed!' So I guess I get it."

He also reveals how the film has a lot of boxing, and he references the infamous story of when he allegedly started a drunken brawl with one of the members of the band 311

Stapp also points out that there are no epic guitar solos on a mountaintop and that no one in the film hangs out on a steep cliff, poking fun at his band's music videos. 

Stapp finishes the video by saying he's next going to preview the upcoming film Assassin's Creed, a videogame-based movie that Stapp says is actually a film about an assassin who loves the band Creed.

Hopefully just not an assassin from the CIA. 
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