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Seaplane Landing Scared People; It Was Vanilla Ice

Stop. Collaborate. And let someone know you’re landing a plane in the water, because people got scared.

On Wednesday night, police got a call about a downed plane in the Intracoastal off Lantana Road. Palm Beach County Fire Rescue was called in to investigate.

As it turns out, the plane carried rapper Vanilla Ice and a film crew that’s shooting his TV show, WPTV reports.

No, Vanilla Ice did not crash in a plane. Yes, Vanilla Ice has a TV show.

Turns out, several witnesses saw the plane land in the water and quickly notified authorities. It was described as a plane that just went down into the water. First responders were quickly on the scene but saw an empty seaplane, with no one hurt.

Authorities came to discover that Vanilla Ice still lives the celebrity life and won’t go to parties like normal people do. The plane landing in the water turned out to be the former rapper’s idea of arriving to a party in style.

Once the plane landed in the waterway, he reportedly jumped onto a Jet Ski and rode off to join the festivities. The celebration was part of a wrap party for the show The Vanilla Ice Project Vanilla Ice Goes Amish, which will be airing on the DIY Network.

Later in the evening, Vanilla took to Twitter to tweet out pics of the party.

The onetime Wellington Outstanding Citizen of the Year has come a long way since his breakout 1990 hit "Ice Ice Baby." Vanilla Ice, age 47, has since had a few gigs as a reality star and recently made news for stealing a pool heater from a foreclosed home

Vanilla Ice, whose real name is the not-as-ridiculous-sounding Rob Van Winkle, also once teamed up with Gov. Rick Scott to sell Palm Beach tourism to high-end businesses. Yes, he sang "Ice Ice Baby" to a bunch of rich white people.

Now, he's making TV shows and landing seaplanes in the water and riding off on Jet Skis.

Ah, to be Vanilla Ice just for a day.
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