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-- The Miami Herald's Martha Brannigan tells us the horrible story of hedge fund man John Devaney, whose United Capital Markets has lost a half billion dollars of investors' money (including his own and some neighbors and friends). This is the kind of thing that caused Fort Lauderdale pioneer Frank Stranahan to jump into the New River with an iron grate his neck back in the the Great Depression. Yet Devaney seems unfazed. Makes you wonder how he really made out.

-- Michael Bender at the Palm Beach Post wonders if Charlie Crist's engagement to Carole Rome will up his chances at getting McCain's VP nomination. Quoted prominently in his favor is dirty trickster Roger Stone (perfect!). The best part is this quote from the guv:

Crist, who was briefly married in 1979 and has been engaged four times, acknowledged that rumors that he is gay and others that he is a womanizer have followed him throughout his career. He has denied both.

"It's bizarre, isn't it?" Crist said. "I don't let it affect me. I just realize that when you're in the public eye or holding office like governor of Florida, there is a scrutiny that is just part of the deal."

What's bizarre is that two gay Katherine Harris campaign workers claimed to numerous people (one of whom took a sworn deposition) that they had affairs with Crist back in 2006. Also odd is the way one of his old after hours friends talks about him.

-- John Holland writes about one of the reasons that Seminole domination of the local gambling market (and more) seems inevitable: They can't be sued. Must have seemed like a good idea at the time but I think it's pretty clear that we need to revise a treaty or two. In the meantime, the Indians need to respect the Florida Supreme Court and shut down their blackjack tables until somebody with better sense than Crist can come up with an equitable way to expand gaming (it's inevitable, isn't it?). Michael Mayo provides more insight into the situation this morning as well.

-- And Arlene Stachell gives us the dope on a Hallandale gas station that is the first in Broward to offer a "cheaper" ethanol blend. I don't want to sound like an oil addict or anything, but it doesn't sound like much of a deal. It's $3.85 a gallon and it's as much as 25 percent less efficient than regular gasolline, according to industry experts. If that's true, then it's equivalent to paying nearly five bucks a gallon, right?

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