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Trump and Real Housewife Host Fundraiser for Crist

Speaking of Gov. Charlie Crist's fundraising skills...

This weekend for $1,000 a pop, Crist fans in Sag Harbor, New York, can attend a party hosted by his celebrity pals: Jill Zarin, one of The Real Housewives of New York City, and Donald Trump. 

Zarin is close friends with Crist's wife, Carole Rome, who never really gave up her New York social life when she wedded Florida's most unlikely bachelor. (Here at the Juice, we were betting Crist was more the Clay Aiken type, but that was just us.)

So Zarin's throwing the party at her house, but The Donald is on the host committee, which means he gets to pay $4,800 for  the privilege of attending a pre-party dinner with Crist. Let's hope Crist doesn't choke on his sirloin if Trump brings up any of his condo projects in South Florida.

Buyers in the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Fort Lauderdale would surely be pleased to know that their governor and would-be senator is getting so much dough from the millionaire many of them are now suing. Some buyers allege they were misled to believe Trump was the developer of the tower, which was actually built by SB Hotel Associates. Trump simply lent his name to the project, but he's now trying to remove that too.

Clearly, Crist is willing to overlook such squabbles in pursuit of his war chest. That's the kind of politician we want representing us in Washington, isn't it?

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