Trump on Colbert: "I Don't Talk About" Obama Birther Conspiracy Anymore

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump was a guest on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert Tuesday night, and was given the opportunity to move on from his "birther" status by the late night host — and he turned it down. Before he became the face of the Republican party, and the man to beat in the GOP race, and before he made his remarks about Mexicans and walls and Carly Fiorina, Trump was the leader of the "birther" movement — the belief that Barack Obama was not actually born in the United States.

Despite obvious proof to the contrary, Trump spent much of his free time between his TV shows and running for the highest office in the land, loudly and publicly challenging Obama's legitimacy as an American-born citizen. Trump even offered to give money to charity if Obama made his college transcripts public to prove that he was born in Hawaii (Obama's birth certificate is a matter of public record).

But now that things are looking serious for The Donald, Colbert offered him a chance to squash that side of him.

Colbert set Trump up by saying he was going to serve up a "big fat meatball" of a question so that Trump could "hit it out of the park." Answer this, Colbert said, and Trump would never again have to address it.

“Barack Obama, born in the United States?” Colbert asked.

Trump, who appeared enthusiastic to hear the "fat meatball" question, immediately skirted the Obama birther question and said, “I don’t talk about that anymore."

Trump moved the conversation over to jobs and veterans' needs and insisted that he's moved on from talking about that.

The question, however, was good timing. Just last week Trump made headlines when he wouldn't correct a supporter in New Hampshire that said Obama was a secret Muslim, and that Muslims were building camps to destroy America:

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