• @laurieacharles
    1 April, 2015

    Thanks @AllegiantTravel for alerting customers about a possible strike & providing a service number that only disconnects you #success

  • @laurieacharles
    17 March, 2015

    Cool! Email me laurie.charles@miaminewtimes.com @JenMangham

  • @laurieacharles
    9 November, 2014

    @amysedeno Hey Amy! So sorry, hadn't been on here in a while lol I'm good! How are you?! Yes, let's reconnect :)

  • @laurieacharles
    9 November, 2014

    Just over heard som guy tell a girl, "You're not fat. I'm talking to you. I don't talk to big girls." #douchestatus #horriblepickuplines

  • @laurieacharles
    26 March, 2014

    @EReidMiamiHeat Sounds good! Let's set up a time. Email me at laurie.charles@miaminewtimes.com. Thanks!


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