Top 10 Third Wave Ska Bands of All Time; Sublime Tribute Badfish Show at Revolution

Top 10 Third Wave Ska Bands of All Time; Sublime Tribute Badfish Show at Revolution

Do you long for the golden age of pop-punk-with-horns otherwise known as the 1990s? Of course you do! Everybody loves the '90s!

Can you think of a better way to express your deepest nostalgia for the blowjob-laden Clinton Era than by celebrating one of the decade's biggest reggae-rockers, Sublime? You'll have an opportunity to do just that next Wednesday at Revolution's "Badfish: A Tribute to Sublime."

Sublime didn't exist in a vacuum, however. Oh, no. Alongside No Doubt, the trio were crossover alums from a West Coast-originated, nationally-brewing "Third Wave" of ska that dared to pair pop-punk with Island music's spunky kid brother.

Check the jump for complete details on "Badfish" and County Grind's Top 10 third wave ska bands of all time.

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10. Save Ferris

This septet sounds like No Doubt if Gwen Stefani (and those other dudes) had stayed the course on the two-tone brick road until they finally met the Wizard of Ska. And they look like the cast of Friends if they'd started a band with a horn section, subsequently lost most of their female cast, replaced them with grown men frozen in metaphorical carbonite as high school band dorks, and moved to Orange County. Much like Alien Ant Farm, their big hit was a should-have-been-ironic cover of a song from the '80s.

9. The Suicide Machines

The term "ska-core" denotes a punk/hardcore edge. Bands like the Suicide Machines play off fast and loud dynamics by using horn sections and metallicized reggae breakdowns to offset snotty, sneering skate punk. Like many of the rock-inclined ska groups of the '90s, The Machines went on to abandon wind instruments altogether.

8. Against All Authority

Speaking of ska-core, few bands did it better than Miami's own 18th best band ever, Against All Authority. In the latter era, they parred down to a lone trumpet -- a former member of Kendall ska-punk heavyweights the Fundamentals, BTW -- but guitarist Danny Lore and bassist Joe Koontz never strayed from blurringly-fast insta-pit ragers and heavy, skank-mosh interludes and crescendos.

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