Hillary Clinton Is an Evil Lesbian, Says Roger Stone

Last week, while Hillary Clinton was in the middle of a marathon congressional hearing defending herself in relation to the Benghazi incident, Roger Stone was at the Fort Lauderdale Barnes & Noble giving a talk about his newly released book, The Clintons' War on Women.  Tonight, Stone will appear on Real Time With Bill Maher on HBO. 

Stone is a longtime political operative who has worked for nine presidential candidates and three presidents, from Richard Nixon to Donald Trump. He is known for employing "dirty tricks" to smear political rivals. His prior book alleged that Lyndon B. Johnson arranged the murder of President Kennedy. 

He told New Times in a phone interview that his new book is "the definitive exposé of Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton." It explores what he calls "the dysfunctional nature of the Clintons' marriage, which is about power and money. My book is a true story of serial rape, intimidation, strong-arm tactics, lies, drugs, and power lust." 

His thesis is that Bill is a serial sexual abuser and that Hillary enabled her husband's philandering by helping to smear or harass his victims. Stone reviewed 27 cases in which the former president allegedly assaulted women. He says he found that the women subsequently were harassed, stalked, silenced, or had their reputations dragged through the mud. 

Furthermore, Stone claims that Bill was a cocaine addict, that Hillary is "evil" and a lesbian, and that Chelsea is a money-grubbing bastard child whose real father is not our former president but rather Hillary's former law partner Webb Hubbell. 

All of these may sound like far-fetched accusations — and many have been floating around on obscure right-wing blogs for years — but Stone insists that "the book stands on its own. These are the facts." He even has footnotes, he says. 

Regarding the allegations against President Clinton, "It's very much like the Bill Cosby situation," says Stone.  

Take, for example, Kathleen Wiley, says Stone. She "volunteered in Bill's campaign in 1993. She and her husband were substantial fundraisers for the Clintons. But the family had financial difficulties. She went in to ask for a paying job, and he assaulted her." They were interrupted by an aide. Strangely that day, Wiley's husband was found dead in the woods from a bullet to the mouth. It was ruled a suicide. Stone said strange things happened to Kathleen Wiley later, like suspicious burglaries, and she felt like she was being terrorized into keeping silent. Wiley did not go public with her story until Paula Jones later accused Clinton of sexual misconduct. 

Stone says that similar patterns played out with other accusers and that Hillary regularly engineered "terror campaigns" to silence victims. She hired a private detective or other minions to destroy incriminating security video and slash the car tires of victims or threaten their children, Stone alleges. Clinton staff like James Carville would sully the women's reputations — "call these women 'trash,' 'bimbos,' 'whores,'" says Stone. 

Helen Dowdy, a woman whom Bill Clinton allegedly groped at a wedding; campaign plane stewardess Christy Zercher; Juanita Broaddrick, a nursing-home administrator who claimed Clinton raped her —- they all had similar stories, Stone says. 

Many of them spoke to Stone, he says. "In some cases, I had to rely on interviews they gave to other journalists." 

"Bill Clinton's signature move is to bite his victims' upper lip — he bites it almost through," says Stone. "It's a classic disabling move for rapists. A not-so-subtle message to keep your mouth shut... This guy is sick." 

And Monica Lewinsky? "I didn't even try with Lewinsky because that was consensual sex," Stone says, "though Bill used her 22-year-old body as his personal humidor. That's really about a power differential. I think impeaching Bill for Lewinsky was stupid." 

In addition to the sexual harassment and cover-up, there are more allegations from Stone: 

Bill is a "habitual cocaine user" who pardoned a drug associate; Chelsea is "very much like her mother — she lives in a $10.5 million condominium and had a $3.5 million wedding." She, by the way, is the daughter of Hillary's former law partner, Webster Hubbell, Stone insists.

Stone goes on: That Bill Clinton has a mixed-race son from an Arkansas prostitute  — Danny Williams. "The issue was raised by the Reverend "Say" McIntosh; McIntosh's son gets a pardon, and the reverend goes silent."

On top of that, Hillary is a lesbian: "She and Huma Abedin sleep in the same room," Stone asserts. "Bill told Gennifer Flowers — it's in her book — 'She's eaten more pussy than I have.' Those aren't my words. Those are Bill's words.  

"The whole happy-family thing is a canard," says Stone. "They're clearly not who they appear to be in public." He describes them as power-hungry narcissists: "Politics is show business for ugly people." 

Stone says that he and cowriter Roger Morrow —- who frequently spews crass invectives against the Clintons — have no agenda. They are not Republican operatives — in fact, Stone's next book is an exposé about the Bush family. Stone says he supports Trump but is no longer on his payroll. "My clients now are all boring corporations — none are involved in politics, and in most cases there's a confidentiality agreement. But I have no campaign clients." 

Stone says his only motivation is that "Hillary Clinton is evil and corrupt and not going to be stopped by crusty Republican men. Let the women she has clashed with [take her down]," he suggests. 

Stone hopes to persuade the women mentioned in his book to appear in television ads and says he will "put those babies in New Hampshire" during the influential primary campaign there.  

The Clinton campaign did not respond to an email for comment about Stone's allegations.

Stone said he didn't bother asking the Clintons for a response. "There's no point. They're not gong to respond. And they're not going to sue me because the truth is the ultimate defense. I would welcome a lawsuit because I could question them without limitations, under oath, about anything." 

The author says that Hillary's campaign is working behind the scenes to discredit him — that they left bad reviews of his book on Amazon and that an interview he had scheduled with MSNBC was suspiciously canceled at the last minute, surely because of pressure from her. 

Next up for Stone: a book about the death of John F Kennedy Jr. "We haven't been told everything about that. There are a lot of really strange things about his death. They said he had no experience flying without instruments — but he was a very experienced pilot for his age. He had many, many hours flying without instruments. The FAA bungles the investigation, turns it over to the Air Force, which never happens." 

Stone has talked publicly about running for Senate in 2016. A fiscal and economic conservative but a social liberal, he is a registered independent but identifies with libertarians, though that gets him lumped with "a bunch of misfits," he says. He'd like to see the end of Wall Street influence, of perpetual war, and of the erosion of civil liberties. Marijuana should be legal and taxed, and gays should have equal rights, he says.

"Running for Senate would be an excellent forum for challenging the two-party duopoly," he muses. He'll decide by the filing deadline next July. "It depends how the Democratic races shape up. If it's Ron deSantis against Alan Grayson, I'd be the centrist!"
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