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Tea Party Welcomes Global Cooling Theorist/Earthquake Predictor John L. Casey

Just when you think the Palm Beach County Tea Party can't sink any deeper into the quicksand of gullibility, it brings in another clown act to prove you wrong.

Last time around, it was an uproar over a mythical U.N. plot to subvert local government via mind control. This time, crackpot science is on the menu.

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This week's joker is one John L. Casey, president of the Space and Science Research Corp. and CEO of the International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center -- both outfits conveniently located in Orlando, just down the road from Disney World.

Casey, with a CV spotty as a case of measles, describes himself as "a former White House space program adviser, consultant to NASA Headquarters, and space shuttle engineer." He claims an M.A. in management from Webster University in St. Louis and a B.A. in physics and mathematics from "JSU" -- whatever and wherever that is.

Claiming to be the "foremost institution in the United States dedicated to communicating the need to prepare for the new cold climate epoch" (a dubious honor), Casey's Space and Science Research Corp. has, according to its website:

led all climate research companies in alerting the White House, Congress, and the maintsream [sic] media to the ill-effects of the next climate change predicted by the SSRC and other international scientists to be decades of potentially dangerous cold weather.

Casey's International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center came about, according to the SSRC website:

Because of the respect [Casey] had earned in his climate research in September 2011 he was asked by a group of the world's best geologists in earthquake prediction to bring them together in a new company to help save thousands of lives each year by predicting the most dangerous earthquakes in advance, a never before achieved objective.

Casey's work has never been published in a peer-reviewed academic journal, only self-published on the internet. He told New Times that's because "the importance of the findings and conclusions mandated the widest public dissemination possible, which the web supplies."

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