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A Masterpiece Before Your Eyes

Are you on the lookout for some prime artwork but nothing's been tickling your fancy lately? Or perhaps those snooty higher-brow-than-thou galleries, with their ostentatious prices, are not your thing. If so, we've got good news on both fronts: the 50/50 interactive arts event, occurring Saturday at West Palm Beach's Armory Art Center. This colossal cultural happening brings together 50 standout local artists to produce their own pieces of art, right before patrons' eyes. The 50 artisans will complete works within a three-hour time frame, after which the pieces will be auctioned right there, on the spot. Bada bing. The bidding begins at the reasonable price of $50. There will also be a "buy it now" price for those so enamored of the artwork that they are not willing to take the risk at auction. Tickets cost only $10 and come with a complimentary glass of wine or beer. The 50/50 event includes a diverse batch of artists, including political cartoonist David Willson, color and texture enthusiast Crystal Bacchus, and prehistoric-animal ceramic sculptor Ariel Bowman. The canvas magic gets under way at 5:30 p.m. Saturday at the Armory Art Center, located at 1700 Parker Ave. in West Palm Beach. Tickets cost $10 and can be purchased at the Armory Art Center or by calling 561-832-1776. Visit armoryart.org.
Sat., Sept. 15, 5 p.m., 2012
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Alex Rendon

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