Art that Occupies

Earlier this month, the Fort Lauderdale City Commission effectively OK’d a law banning the storage of private property in public spaces. On a skim read, it may sound that the law would be targeting “stuff” and not necessarily people, but a closer examination by those with excellent bullshit detectors — including Food Not Bombs’ Fort Lauderdale chapter — has many dubbing it the “Homeless Hate Law,” saying it would specifically target areas like Stranahan Park, where people (many of them homeless) congregate to read books, play games, sit, escape the blistering heat, and rest in a public space. Thursday, Food Not Bombs will be joined by members of the Broward Homeless Campaign, community activists, and local artists to respond to the city with “Public Property” — A Reclamative Art Show with Food Not Bombs. “Basically, the art show is another way to express resistance to the city’s anti-homeless policies,” says one of the organizers, Nathan Patches Pim. Pim says there will be vegan food to share, acoustic performers, some 2-D art, sculpture, photography, and even someone offering up live drawings. The night’s aim is to use art as a means of passionate resistance and to empower people to take back the space for what it is — public property.
Fri., May 30, 6 p.m., 2014
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Terra Sullivan