Break On Through to The Other Side

This Thursday night, nationally recognized psychic/medium John Edward invites everyone to break on through to the other side. Although probably not “the other side” Jim Morrison envisioned back in the ’60s, Edward’s version focuses on his extraordinary knack for predicting events and communicating with loved ones who have passed (or, as Edward puts it, crossed over to “the other side.”) Edward accomplishes this without the gimmicks, crystal balls, and dangling jewelry of fortunetellers of the past and takes an Everyman approach to his craft. His relatable, psychic/medium ways have landed him on many television shows, including Dateline, CNN’s Larry King Live, the Today Show, and Oprah! Today Edward stands as one of the country’s preeminent psychic mediums and will devote two hours to Fort Lauderdale audiences for a reading-intensive event that features a series of questions and answers and messages from “the other side.” Be there as Edward crosses over Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina, located at 1881 SE 17th St. in Fort Lauderdale. General-admission tickets cost $150; upgraded Evolve tickets, which come with special priority to bypass the regular line and take a photo with Edward, cost $225. Call 800-514-3849, or visit
Thu., March 5, 2015
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Alex Rendon