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Pompano Beach is not the expected location for a hip little gallery showcasing emerging local artists, but there it is, in a typical South Florida strip mall. Uncommon Gallery, owned by Michael D. Colanero, changes exhibitions monthly to highlight the talent of a revolving stock of natives and, frequently, Colanero himself. For November, Amber Dubruiel and Rick Esposito join the artist/gallery owner on his gallery's walls. Dubruiel's abstracted figurative paintings scream of Keith Herring and Pablo Picasso but differentiate themselves with unusual watercolor hues that saturate the canvas under thick, bold, charcoal lines. Her meticulous line quality and spastic composition give her work an ambiguous feel, which she says is "primarily discomfort and fear-based." However, her use of color gives a calming balance that keeps her style from being unsettling. Esposito's "StarStruck" series hangs next to Dubruiel's work in complementary contrast. Pop Art stars surrounded by perfect little dots of color reflect his professional experience in textiles and cosmetics. His whimsical works of happy colors and floating stars, reminiscent of everything in pop culture from candy to Hollywood, are visually appealing but lack substance. Yet Esposito's paintings are executed with a clean precision that can exist only in skilled artists. The precision continues in Colanero's digitally manipulated photography and beautifully balanced landscapes. Passion is a glossy image showing flowing lines of vibrant shades of fire and water encompassed in mercury-like drops and a deep black background. While the digitally enhanced pieces are cool and show off his extensive computer skills, the simplicity and symmetry of his landscapes seem to better portray Colanero's natural artistic talent. (Through November 30 at 3159-A E. Atlantic Blvd., Pompano Beach. Call 954-336-4305, or go to


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