Get Hooked on Science

It takes a particularly strong constitution to want to get into the far-off murky waters and wrestle around with nine-foot river sharks, goliath tigerfish, electrifying fish, and person-sized piranhas. As host of the Animal Planet’s superpopular series River Monsters, biologist and natural history specialist Jeremy Wade fits the description. In his 58 years of life, he has survived malaria, was once arrested as a spy, and even survived a plane crash deep in the Amazon jungle. So going head to head with a slithering anaconda? That is mere child’s play at this point. Wade will combine his tall tales of survival, conservation efforts, catch-and-release programs, and his work exploring the evolution of rare underwater species with a fundraising visit for the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium, Get Hooked! Gala 2015. There will be two events over Thursday and Friday. The first is Thursday evening with a $500-a-seat gala at the Breakers (1 S. County Road, Palm Beach), where Wade will be the guest speaker. Friday, the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium (4801 Dreher Trail N., West Palm Beach) will host the Explorer’s Night Out for children. Those tickets cost $125 a person and include a special dinner in the aquarium and more talks with Wade. Call 561-370-7738, or visit
Thu., March 5, 2015
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Terra Sullivan