Kevin Durant is built like the answer to some Sphinx’s riddle: What has the offensive skills of a Michael Jordan, the rip-out-your-lungs-and-eat-them drive of a Michael Jordan, but is taller and rebounds better than a Michael Jordan? Or maybe a “Jeopardy!” square: “Basketball maven John Hollinger scored this rookie prospect as the best out of college over the past half-decade.” (“Who is Kevin Durant?... I’ll take “Rookies with Nike Contracts” for $800, Alex.”)

He averaged 26 points and 11 rebounds a night for Texas in his only year of college and ought to start throwing down 20 a game for the Ray Allen-less Supersonics in no time, perhaps as soon as his ninth pro game, in Miami. This is, no doubt, a draw for Heat fans. For not only can you witness Durant in the molting phase, you can also get in on tagging this phenom with a worthy moniker. At present, his Wikipedia page lists the following nicknames for Durant: KD, K-Dog, K-Smoove and Jesus. Of these, the best is K-Smoove, unpronounceable though it is. But until you come up with something better – and we all should be working on this project, lest we get another athlete celebrity with initials for a nickname – you’ll probably find yourself calling him Jesus, loudly and by complete accident. Prepare to blaspheme at the American Airlines Arena (601 Biscayne Blvd, Miami) on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. Tickets begin at $10. Call 786-777-4667, or visit www.heat.com.
Wed., Nov. 14, 2007

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Sam Eifling
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