Play Like a Kid

What may have started an easygoing, childhood backyard game through the years has morphed into a popular adult-time leisure activity: kickball. As children, this simplistic, all-inclusive sport gave even the most uncoordinated among us a fighting chance on the baseball diamond, and as grownups, the weekly kickball game grants us the opportunity to chat up that cute coworker two cubicles down we’ve been meaning to talk to all year. For the members of the International Kickball Federation, however, kickball is serious business. Known as the IFK, this governing body for amateur adult kickball hosts its kickoff event, the South Florida Kickball Open, this weekend. In its seventh year and with teams traveling from all across the country — including Pennsylvania, Missouri, and California — this year’s open promises to be larger than ever, and in the all-encompassing nature of the sport, there is room for everyone to participate, as teams do not have to be invited or qualify to participate in this coed tournament. The kickball fervor takes place Saturday from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. at Tradewinds Park, located at 3600 W. Sample Road in Pompano Beach. Registration costs $55. Call 413-282-8765, or visit
Sat., Feb. 21, 2015
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Alex Rendon