"Smile and Say Cheesy"

It’s about to happen: holiday cards arrive, ruining your routine of junk mail and bills (both of which you currently discard). This annual mailbox barrage perplexes you: the professionally-rendered photos of distant relatives in matching sweaters, clutching their children’s shoulders should make you smile. You know this. Instead, you just imagine the dialogue leading up to the flash which will illuminate the lone, salvageable photo: “For the last time, if you don’t stop kicking your sister, I will put you in a 30-minute time-out, with NO Wii privileges for two days!”

You don’t envy the lives that are depicted in these photos, but your relatives are certain that you do. But, no, you love the life that you’ve built for yourself, with your pets and your hard liquor. In your world, holidays mean peppermint schnapps added to the cocktail hour and your dog wearing the elf hat with the built-in ears that you bought for a dollar. Your life rocks. Why don’t you show it off? You can on Saturday, that’s holiday photos with your pet day in the Shetland Shelter at Tradewinds Park (3600 W. Sample Rd., Coconut Creek). Shuttle your dogs, cats, rabbits, ponies, or whoever else makes your house a home, and pose them in front of seasonal backdrops. (There will also be props, and costumes for you and your furry/hairy friends to try on.) All donations (it’s five bucks for a print, a little more and they’ll e-mail the pic to you) go to Friends of Animal Care. If you’re feeling charitable, you can also bring pet food, new toys, and treats to donate to the organization. This year you’re actually going to mail out those holiday cards, and everyone will envy your super-fun life.
Sat., Nov. 10, 2007

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Jamie Laughlin