Cole Porter's Anything Goes tells the story of a young stockbroker, Billy Crocker, who neglects bosses' orders to see off gal-pal Reno Sweeney as she boards ship. But then she sees true love Hope Harcourt ready to begrudgingly marry Sir Evelyn Oakleigh. In an effort to stay aboard sans passport, he hooks up with public enemy number 13, disguised as the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who, with Sweeney, helps him get back Hope. The comic plot is filled with twists. And Stage Door does it right, making the most out of the elaborate set designed by Sean McClelland that is complete with revolving wall and creative passageway. Choreographer/director Ron Hutchins pulls out the stops -- everything from sultry shoulder shrugs and swoons to energetic and creative, high-kicking tap numbers. Great costumes by Allen Wilson are also a perfect fit, especially for Sweeney (Erin Romero), who gives a stunningly strong performance as a gutsy, charming, and vulnerable sex kitten with a whole lotta heart. Also memorable is Tiffany Lutz as Erma, Moon's sidekick, a Betty Boop material girl who has sailors wrapped around her li'l finger. Justin Barnette as Moonface Martin, a.k.a. the Rev. Moon, is lovably funny as always with his shtick and powerful with his song. Dennis Clark plays a great Billy but is a mismatch age-wise with Jodi Lynne Sylvester, who plays Hope. Duane Hatton as Lord Evelyn Oakleigh is a delightful fumbler. Alex Danyluk tickles a funny bone as an over-the-top ship captain. Paula Sackett is believable throughout as Hope's high-class mother. Although seemingly new to acting, Elisha Whitney as Billy's boss still delivers some of the funniest lines. There are great duos throughout this piece, including Sweeney and Oakleigh during "The Gypsy and Me," Sweeney and Moon in a hokey "Friendship," and Sweeney and Crocker in "You're the Top." This play grows even more delightful and funny as it unfolds. (Through October 10 at Stage Door Theater, 8036 W. Sample Rd., Coral Springs. 954-344-7765.) -- Rachel Galvin

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