Ten Best Beaches in Broward and Palm Beach

Maybe you've noticed, but the temperature has officially begun to rise to back to a familiar South Florida levels of sweltering with a side of humidity. Must be beach season!

Well, every season in South Florida is beach season, but peak beach season is close. That means it's time to plot your attack on the sand and sunshine by deciding which beach is best for you. If you always go to the same beach, maybe it's time to switch it up a bit.

There are ample beaches to choose from, but we've put together a list of the best beaches Broward and Palm Beach have to offer.
10. Pompano Beach
Pompano Beach is like the wise grandpa of Broward beaches. So little has changed as it's aged over the years, but that's part of what makes it special. Pompano might not be a trendy spring-break destination, but it's a beach that plays a role. Sometimes you just want the beach without all the frills and noise, and that's when you go to Pompano Beach. Pompano is always full of time-share visitors, who are always superchill and in a great mood. Bonus: There are few places you can check out a real-life lighthouse these days.
9. Deerfield Beach
For many Broward residents, Deerfield Beach holds a special place in their hearts, and those people vary in age quite a bit. On one side of the Deerfield Beach pier, you might find grandparents playing with grandchildren as proud parents look on. On the other side of the pier, you might find college kids home from school surrounded by Coronas, kicking it at the very same beach they used to hit up when they skipped class in high school. Whichever side of the pier you fall on, memories were made there, and that's what makes Deerfield Beach so special.
8. Dania Beach 
Outside of the growing litter problem, Dania Beach is a great choice when picking where you want to spend a day in the smoldering sun. Part of the reason the beach is dealing with its current trash problem is because so many people enjoy going there; they just don't know how to clean up after themselves. Dania Beach is the choice for those of you looking to party all night until the sun comes up, then surf off your hangover. We could lie to you and say this is the place where you take family from out of town, but really, this is the place you take your girlfriend and a cooler of beer for a day of debauchery. Hey, every beach plays a role, and Dania Beach's role is clearly to get you drunk and let you have a good time.
7. Delray Beach 
Delray Beach is the sort of place you would see on postcards, if you saw postcards anymore. The extra-wide beaches and ultraquiet surrounding make it one of the best family beaches in the area. This beauty of a beach is just busy enough to be a destination but just quiet enough to make it feel like your little secret. Highlights here include lots of water-sport options, beach activities, and ample areas to barbecue. If you're looking for a beach that is most likely to host a Pitbull concert, you probably want to skip this beach. If calm sunrises, exercise, and quiet Kindle reading is more your speed, Delray Beach is a great bet.
6. Oceanfront Park Beach
Palm Beach already has a quieter vibe about it than Broward, but Oceanfront Park Beach in Boynton Beach takes secluded and calm to an entirely different level. Beautiful views of both the ocean and the bay make this one of the more picturesque places to spend a day in Palm Beach, and the clean, comforting, and easily accessible facilities make it family-friendlier than most. Water traffic is quieter here, making it a great place to get out and snorkel. Oceanfront Beach has some areas you would swear have never had a human step foot on them, which makes it sorta cool and mysterious in a Castaway type of way. 
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