Ten Reasons Deerfield Beach Is the Best Beach in Broward

'Best Beaches' will be a recurring post here at New Times. Throughout the summer we will highlight the main reasons why your local beach is undeniably Broward's best. 

Deerfield Beach is like your Mom's cooking: strangers might not consider it the best they've ever had, but everything about it sure says "home" to you. Part of what makes Deerfield Beach the best beach in Broward is everything it's not. It's comfortable in its own sunshine and sand, which is part of its draw.

Deerfield Beach is dependable. It's homey. It's consistent. It's a perfect mix of quaint and modern. It's everything you could want in a beach, if deep down a just-the-best beach is truly what you are looking for. There are so many reasons why Deerfield Beach is our favorite beach; here are just a few.
10. Traffic is almost nonexistent.

Getting to your favorite beach is half the battle. There are beaches in South Florida we love, but just the thought of having to deal with the traffic that comes with finally putting foot to sand makes us settle for our usual subpar spot. Deerfield Beach is the best of both worlds. Not only is it our favorite beach, but getting there is painless. Deerfield Beach is predictably easy to navigate. 
9. Pop's Seafood
131 W. Hillsboro Blvd., Deerfield Beach954-427-1331; visit

If you're in Deerfield Beach and you're not stopping at Pop's for some seafood, you're doing it wrong. Pop's is one of Deerfield's hidden treasures, a place locals almost don't want you to know about because they would rather keep it for themselves. Inside you'll find a vast assortment of ready-to-eat seafood dishes, a take-out menu, and every fish or seafood item you could ever want to buy and cook yourself beachside. The most popular beach-ready item at Pop's are their steamed blue crabs that come in Old Bay or garlic flavors. They also offer an assortment of Mom's homemade salad and dips that are perfect to throw in a cooler before you hit the beach. Pop's is right on Hillsboro before I-95, so it also makes for a great stop on the way home from the beach after you've built up an appetite. 
8. Ample parking 

No matter how easy it is to get to, you still don't want to burn optimal sunshine time driving around looking for a place to park. The last thing anyone wants to do on a relaxing trip to the beach is to worry about whether their car is going to get towed. Deerfield has a limited number of first-come, first-serve spaces that line the beach, but if you miss out on those VIP spots there are plenty of lots just off the beach. There is also a parking garage ( 123 NE 20th Ave.) with 360 spots just off the beach ($10-$20/day, depending on the weekend). More time on the beach, less time looking at it while your passenger sighs and acts like it's your fault — that's the goal here.
7. Beautiful walkways 

Once you get to the beach and park, your next course of action is to check out the scenery and find a place to set up shop. Deerfield Beach has some of the most beautiful areas to walk and enjoy before you actually step foot on the sand. It's easy to forget how far some things are when you're walking back and forth on the main walkway because the surroundings are so well-kept. This is the sort of area you want to show off to your relatives visiting from out of town. Deerfield Beach is a stunning piece of South Florida that we're lucky to have just a few minutes from our homes. 
6. Lounging and picnic areas 

Any beach can throw in a few picnic tables and one of those shady charcoal grills you never feel quite right using on the beach, but Deerfield Beach has gone the extra mile. Tiki-style huts line the beach so you and your family can stage parties or picnics right next to the beach, but not on the beach. On most days you can find people chilling out, reading a paper, or telling stories in these areas. Admittedly, most of those people normally look like your grandma or grandpa, but that's part of what makes these areas so neat.
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