Ten Reasons Hallandale Beach Is the Best Beach in Broward

Throughout the summer, "Best Beaches" will highlight the best beach spots Broward has to offer. Don't agree? Check back next week; your favorite beach in Broward could be next.

Hallandale Beach: the place that isn't quite in Miami but is barely in Broward. Hallandale Beach gets overshadowed by the famously named Hollywood Beach — it's like the middle child of South Florida beaches. There's nothing flashy about it, nothing your out-of-town visitors need to see before they go home, but it's just the sort of beach you dream about at work all week. 

Relaxed, convenient, accessible, and stunningly beautiful, Hallandale Beach could be the best Broward has to offer.
10. Scenery.

Some of the beaches we've visited this summer have made a good first impression because of nonexistent traffic or easy access to the sand, but Hallandale Beach jumps out at us because of how beautiful it is leading up to your arrival at the beach. The drive is so nice and perpetually surrounded by beautiful scenery that you actually consider staying in the car longer than you have to so you can continue experiencing it. Hallandale Beach truly reminds you that you live in one of the nicest places in the country. 
9. The infrastructure.

Leading up to Hallandale Beach, there are tons of amazing buildings that you just want to take a picture in front of. We don't normally consider a building we have no intention of entering (and aren't allowed in, for that matter) a perk, but the striking beauty and attention to detail you see on the Hallandale coast makes you want to sell everything you own to rent one of those studios. Some parts of Hallandale Beach are so littered with high-rise condos that if you didn't know better, you would think you're somewhere in California. 
8. Parking.

Parking doesn't matter, right? Wrong. It's huge. There are so many beaches in Broward that remind us of circling the block for a spot before class for hours in college. Hallandale Beach assures you that you will have no such problem by offering the cheapest parking ($1.25/hr) in the best possible locations. There are multiple places to park on Hallandale Beach, but by far the most convenient is the underground garage that's literally a beach ball throw away from the beach. This was one of the most fuss-free parking experiences we've had at a beach in some time, and it's a major plus when ranking Hallandale Beach above others. 
7. Bike rentals.

Throughout Hallandale Beach, there are Broward B-cycle stations where you can rent a bicycle for 30-minute increments or for an entire day. For as little as five bucks, you can ride along the beach scoping out places to rest, beautiful people, places to eat, or all of the above. If you join their club, the prices go down to a buck. We've seen these stations at a few beaches along our Best Beach journey, but the ones in Hallandale Beach were the most prominently places in areas just outside where you might park you car. The added convenience is noticeable, and we appreciate it. 
6. The unique views.

We've been to a lot of beaches this summer, so we've seen the beach just about every which way imaginable. Hallandale Beach, however, has some views we simply haven't seen anywhere else in Broward. This beach is more hidden than most — you need to actually wind around some buildings to see it — so when you actually get a glimpse of the water over the shrubs, it's apparent which beach you're at. There are 'Kid Zones' set up along Hallandale Beach with seating just off the sand that feature amazing, postcard-worthy looks at the beach. We aren't landscaping experts, but the vegetation is definitely different in some areas of Hallandale Beach, again setting it apart from the run-of-the-mill Broward beaches.
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