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Time to Play!

Think back on your first internship. Are you seeing flashbacks of brewing coffee for the office? Did you have to photocopy your little heart out? Internships come in all shapes and sizes, but we are betting the Norton Museum of Art summer interns have had a blast. The Norton is an artistic institution in West Palm, and we love how it appeals to everyone. The interns had a chance to embrace that mentality, and it looks like they really learned the true meaning of work and play. "Play!" is a collection of photographs and pieces organized by this year's Norton summer interns. The exhibition features works related to the universal concept of play and will even be kicked off by an introduction from the savvy team that put it together. More than just an art collection, this event takes place on a Thursday, which means it's the Norton's famous Art After Dark series -- and it's free in the summer. Enjoy live jazz music by the Natalie Jackson Trio and culture- and entertainment-themed trivia in the atrium. It's a well-rounded evening that will remind you not only how much your internship sucked but how much better your life is now. "Play!" is Thursday at the Norton Museum of Art, located at 1451 S. Olive Ave in West Palm Beach .Admission to the Norton on Thursdays (including Art After Dark) is free through August for Florida residents. For non-Florida residents, normal rates apply: adults $12, students $5. Art After Dark is 5 to 9 p.m. Visit norton.org, or call 561-832-5196.
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