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What's on the Boob Tube?

A woman needs to take care of her body, her breasts especially. They want to be taken care of, felt. They need a checkup, and October is a good month to do so, you know, because it's Breast Awareness Month. Is there a more suitable place to put the tits on display than at a hospital? Yes, now we're entering a scary scenario. (Cancer.) How can we add a little fun? Walk through a giant boob. That's right: At the AmeriBreasts exhibit, you'll tour inside the human breast. It will be big, inflatable, and full of color, and you'll prance right through it, absorbing the anatomy and pathology (there will be brief descriptions on placards). Milk ducts? Check. Blood vessels? Check. Lymph nodes? Check. Noncancerous lumps? Chhh-eck. Inflammatory breast cancer stages I through IV? No, no, no. Run, run, run! Yes, let that fear hit you in your chest -- and go get a mammogram, which is offered there for $99. Hospitals also take insurance, they say. Or at least, please go home and do your own checkup. Or let someone else... The tour will provide info on how to give yourself a breast exam. And history on the scary stuff. This is the world's only walk-through tour of the bosom, and it's meant to aid in breast-cancer prevention. Up next: The dreary inflatable tunnel leading to the prostate?

Broward Health's Mammo-Palooza circulates throughout South Florida -- Coral Springs Medical Center on Tuesday, North Broward Medical Center on Wednesday, Imperial Point Medical Center on Thursday, Broward Health Weston on Friday. Today, Monday, it's at Broward General Medical Center (1600 S. Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale) from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Be part of the 1,300-plus mammograms. Visit browardhealth.org/mammo.
Mon., Oct. 10, 8 a.m., 2011

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Mickie Centrone

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