You Might Need Advil

Nothing beats huddling on Main Street for the annual holiday parade. There’s something magical about the roar of snazzy snare drums, the pounding of marching ensembles, and the fluttering sound-splash of warp-speed trumpeting. Since you’ve only witnessed musical pageantry of this caliber resonating from the asphalt to the stratosphere, you may be hard-pressed to fathom how a group could bottle those same sounds up within the confines of a theater. Visit the Coral Springs Center for the Arts (2855 Coral Springs Dr., Coral Springs) on Monday night, because the Broadway breakout Blast! is doing just that.

Don’t be misled: Blast! is less football halftime show, more Riverdance-esque theatrical oddity. Adding to the raucous cadences are interludes of rapid-fire, two-person drum battling (i.e. sweet percussion nirvana) and dance troupes bustin’ acrobatic moves while brandishing wooden sabers. Still not enough sensory arousal? Each symphonic vignette brings new colors sweeping across the stage, from bolero-red to frost-blue. So yes, if Warhol staged a parade, you can be sure that it would be an indoor theatrical explosion like Blast! The 90-minute orchestral orgasm kicks off tonight at 7:30 p.m., and tickets range $53 to $63. Call 954-344-5990, or visit
Mon., Jan. 7, 7:30 p.m., 2008

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Phillip Valys