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The New Florida Lottery Logo is Nightmare Fuel

Amazing to think, but Floridians have been not winning the Florida Lottery for 25 years now.

So, to commemorate a quarter of a century of billboards promising millions, and stops to the gas station for a few dozen quick picks purchases, the lottery is going all Miami Dolphins on us and adapting a brand new logo.

They're replacing the flamingo character with.... another flamingo character.

The old logo featured a pink flamingo silhouetted in front of the sun. The sun was broken up into lines, as if made by the haze of the horizon. Hey, it was the eighties, man.

The new one looks like this:


It might be the newness of it, but this new logo is a tad on the creepy all-up-in-your-face side.


Like the flamingo is going to haunt your dreams until you buy that damn lottery ticket.

"Hi Steve.... it's time to play the lottery again! I KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILDREN SLEEEEEP."

What's even creepier is if you do a Google image search for the logo, and click on the first pic of the old logo... it automatically turns into the new one.


Maybe it's just us. We grew up afraid of clowns.

The Florida Lottery had humble beginnings. It started off as a scratch-off game with the creative name, Millionaire, in January of 1988.

Since then, there have been more than 1,200 millionaires winning more than $37.7 billion in prizes, according to the Florida Lottery people.

They also say they've generated more than $24 billion for education in Florida with a combined total of more than $6.3 billion going to the state's community colleges and universities, while public schools have received more than $14 billion.

So keep on playing the lottery, Florida.

Lest Pinky up there finds you in your nightmares...... and you don't wanna know what happens next.