State Senator Joe Abruzzo Orders Two Shady Audits, Opponents Cry Foul [Updated]

Over the last few months, Delray Beach has been torn up by a debate over the Arts Garage, a popular multi-purpose space in the city's downtown area. The issue is whether a law firm should be allowed to outbid the non-profit on the high-end real estate. If you've been plugged in to back and forth, you know it's been nasty.

But the latest twist might take the blue ribbon for chicanery. Arts Garage supports say the other side is flexing political muscle in retaliation.

Specifically, State Senator Joe Abruzzo ordered a state audit recerntly of the Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency - the Arts Garage's funder. It's no coincidence, some say, and the proof is that this is the second suspicious audit involving Abruzzo.

Update: Sen. Abruzzo called us back Friday morning with comments and clarifications on the issue. More below.