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Al Lamberti Mystery Emailers Remind Voters of the Sheriff's Shady Past

Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti is once again being challenged by North Bay Village Police Chief Scott Israel -- the same candidate Lamberti defeated back in 2008.

Much like in 2008, Israel's beef is that Lamberti isn't doing a good enough job cleaning crime off the streets in Broward. Lamberti says they're making strides.

And attack ads have gone back and forth between the two.

Lately, however, there's been a rise in attacks on Lamberti from fliers (claiming he's antigay) and emails (claiming lots of things).

The emails cite articles such as Lamberti's raid on gay bars in the 1990s, his ignoring gay discrimination in the BSO, and accusations of Lamberti helping Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein flee the country (oh wait, that was by former PULPist Bob Norman. HA. HA. HA.)

But we digress...

The emails also cite other articles:

- Lamberti rigged multimillion-dollar no-bid BSO contracts for his big GOP contributors that cost taxpayers more.

- Lamberti can't explain how one of his top administrators at BSO embezzled more than $1 million from the Sheriff's Office.

- Lamberti hired a former convicted armed cocaine trafficker as his paid campaign adviser and fired him only after the man was arrested for assaulting his wife.

- Lamberti's electioneering committee took money from a Mob-related waste disposal company convicted of dumping toxic waste in Palm Beach county.

- And our personal favorite: Lamberti is endorsed by South Florida Tea Party and right-wing Congressman Allen West.

Another email is sending out YouTube videos on Lamberti, pointing out how the sheriff hands out no-bid contracts to his big donors and political cronies, such as Michael Maroone (the car-dealership guy) and County Republican leader Adam Black, all while Broward County taxpayers foot the bill.

Again, no word on who the mystery emails are from or what their agenda is (just kidding; their agenda is pretty damned clear).

But as Lamberti looks closer to winning reelection, it might be important to read over these articles and review the video one last time before you hit the polls today.