This location has been flagged as "Closed".


Bluepoint Ocean Grill

Aran S Graham
Like most of Hard Rock Casino's restaurants, they do drinks well here. Unusual combinations of the classics (cherry mojitos) and traditionals (dirty martinis with fat olives) will keep you busy while you await a table. It's a modern, warm space, with a view of the fountains. The chefs are peek-a-boo from the glass-walled kitchen, where fresh fish, raw and cooked, comes to tables on a fairly efficient schedule. A small list of appetizers includes notable crab cakes and crisp calamari, along with king crab bites - but ask the market price before you bite: You can rack up a bill here in a hurry. A few chicken and steaks and even a turkey burger appear, but the focus here is clearly on sea creatures. Creative presentations include the fish tacos, seafood mac 'n' cheese, and several salsas to top the fresh-grilled fish. A slight Caribe vibe (black beans as a side, salsa as a relish) comes across in the menu, but you can get Asian preparations as well. This one's not for the kids, but then again - do they really belong in a casino anyway?