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Bombay Grill

What this expansive Indian restaurant and buffet has to do with "grilling" is anyone's guess. But what it does do is turn out homestyle dishes of chicken korma, chana masala, and lamb vindaloo like nobodies business. The smartly decorated interior is a bit bright, but inviting, and the staff charming. The ingredients are fresh and the food well prepared. Try the wok fired chicken kadhai, a stir fry of juicy chicken breast with chunks of tomato, onion, curry leaves, and scorching hot slivers of fresh chili. Or the tandoori fish, made with fresh tilapia. Some of the starters are hit or miss -- like the sulfurous papdi chat with yogurt and boiled potatoes -- and the naan is a little on the doughy side. But the friendly owners, who walk the tables, introduce themselves, and make you truly feel at home, are quick to amend any discrepancies. A well-maintained lunch buffet runs daily, and all day Sundays, and a belly dancer entertains on weekends.