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Michele Eve Sandberg


Michele Eve Sandberg
An upscale lounge dedicated to the "Camelot lifestyle," this West Palm Beach dancehall is, as owner Rodney Mayo puts it, where the "sophisticated South Floridian" comes to party. The place is an homage to the Kennedys' love of the ocean, sailing, and Palm Beach. Inside, the decor is yachty and preppy with framed photos of the Kennedys spread throughout the space as though it were their family's den, a crew boat hanging from the ceiling, and nautical-themed everything. As with many of his establishments, Mayo himself did most of the woodwork inside, from the teak-deck bar top to a DJ booth fashioned to look like the front of a ship and a special lounge area that makes guests appear to be sailing off into the sunset from the back of a boat. Camelot is for members only, so if you couldn't snag one of the 1,000 private membership cards that were issued before the club opened, you'll need to befriend a Camelot VIP member or apply for membership yourself.



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